FlowLimit and MaxSessions


FlowLimit value will limit the number of process starter creation no matter what is configured in the sessions of JMS Receiver


A Session object is a single-threaded context for producing and consuming messages.

TestCase Number FlowLimit MaxSessions Result
1 5 1 Only one process instance will be crated
2 5 3 3 instances will be created and processed parallel.
3 5 6 5 instances will be created and processed parallel.

The best practice or suggestion is below:

  1. Create Max Session as per your requirement.
  2. Set the FlowLimit value greater than the Max Session

Setting flowlimit for a bwapplication in debugging mode.

-Dbw.application.job.flowlimit.<application name>.<application version> =<flowlimit value>

Eg: -Dbw.application.job.flowlimit.EMS.ACKMode.Tester.application.1.0=5

Setting max sessions for JMS Receive Message activity


Enable JMX on the AppNode

This post would explain what are the properties that need to be added to BW appnode to enable JMX.

From TIB_BW_performance_benchmarking_tuning https://docs.tibco.com/pub/activematrix_businessworks/6.3.4/doc/html/GUID-BAC813F8-5DDC-4043-86D6-2F5D6C286B02.html – we need to enable JMX on the appnode to use JVisualVM to monitor appnode.

Below are the properties that need to be added BW appnode.tra(%TIBCO_HOME%\bw\6.3\domains\%domain%\appnodes\%AppSpace%\%AppNode%\bin\ bwappnode-%AppNode%.tra) to enable JMX.

#Enabling JMX on AppNode






Below is the screenshot of appnode.tra

Restart the appnode after adding above properties.

Now we can use JVisualVM to monitor appnode as described in Monitoring Threads and Taking Thread Dump Using JVisualVM(https://docs.tibco.com/pub/activematrix_businessworks/6.3.4/doc/html/GUID-BAC813F8-5DDC-4043-86D6-2F5D6C286B02.html)

Thank you!

Registering BW AppNode as Windows NT Service

  1. Navigate to appnode bin directory e.g. D:\tibco\bw\6.3\domains\ERP\appnodes\ERPAppSpace\ERPAppNode\bin
  2. Edit the appnode TRA file e.g. bwappnode-ERPAppNode.tra & add the following lines




application.args=-config D:/tibco/bw/6.3/domains/ERP/appnodes/ERPAppSpace/ERPAppNode/config.ini start


3. Open a command prompt , navigate to D:\tibco\bw\6.3\domains\ERP\appnodes\ERPAppSpace\ERPAppNode\bin & execute the following command

bwappnode-ERPAppNode.exe –install

4. The appnode will be registered as a Windows service under”ERP_AppNode_SVESBD20″ name. Modify the service property to log on as the desired user having access to SQLserver DB/File System(in this case)

5. Start the service; confirm that the appnode has started in TEA.

Importing HTTPS-WSDL to Service Descriptors in BW6 application

Process is explained using https://%server%/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc?singleWsdl

  1. Get the certificates form URL – follow the steps below.

  1. Import the certificates to ‘cacerts’ under %tibco_home%\tibcojre64\1.8.0\lib\security by executing keytool –importcert from %tibco_home%\tibcojre64\1.8.0\bin


keytool -importcert -alias CRMDynamics -file %location of certificates% -keystore c:\tibco_bw6\tibcojre64\1.8.0\lib\security\cacerts

keystore password: changeit


  1. In TIBCO Business Studio

  1. The WSDL will be added to Service Descriptors folder

IBM DB2 JDBC Connection Resource Configuration

Below is the procedure to connect DB2 version – DB2 for i V7R2 TR4 using drivers – db2jcc4.jar, db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar.

We had following exception when we click on ‘Test Connection’ after configuring JDBC Connection resource as below.

The above exception would be solved by adding db2jcc4.jar, db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar at %BW_HOME%\6.3\config\design\thirdparty\

When we try to run/debug the application. We will be faced with following exception


09:08:52.456 ERROR [CM Configuration Updater (Update: pid=bw.resource.jdbc.f47acaa5-7144-47c8-96f7-29857b5ab64b)] c.t.b.s.r.d.ReferenceDependency – TIBCO-BW-SR-FRWK-503000: Unable to start SharedResource [test.db2.JDBCConnectionResource1] from Module [test.db2:1.0.0.qualifier], DeploymentUnit [test.db2.application:1.0]. : TIBCO-BW-SR-JDBC-500003: The database driver [com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver] is not found. Ensure that DataSourceFactory bundle providing this driver is available in the environment.

09:08:52.902 ERROR [Job_Executor0] com.tibco.thor.frwk.Application – TIBCO-THOR-FRWK-600026: Failed to start BW Application [test.db2.application:1.0]. Reason: TIBCO-BW-FRWK-600063: Failed to start BW Process [test.db2.Process] of BW Module [test.db2].

java.lang.RuntimeException: TIBCO-BW-FRWK-600064: Failed to create Shared Resource [test.db2.JDBCConnectionResource1]. For the cause look for log message with prefix “TIBCO-BW-SR-FRWK” in this log file.

09:08:52.920 INFO [Job_Executor0] com.tibco.thor.frwk.Application – TIBCO-THOR-FRWK-300008: Stopped BW Application [test.db2.application:1.0]


The above exception could be solved making the driver available for run time.


c:\tibco_bw633_new\bw\6.3\bin\bwinstall.exe db2-driver

Restart the Business Studio, our application should be able communicate with DB2.

Installing Maven and Maven Plug-in for TIBCO BW

  1. Download apache-maven-3.3.9-bin.zip from https://maven.apache.org/download.cgi
  2. Extract apache-maven-3.3.9-bin.zip and copy it to your installation directory(eg C:\ as shown below), this all that has to be done from installation of Maven.

  3. Add a new system ‘M2_HOME’ = C:\apache-maven-3.3.9

  4. Add C:\apache-maven-3.3.9\bin to path system variable.

    Above are the prerequisites for installing BW6 Maven plugin.

  5. Verify Maven installation as shown below from command prompt.

  6. Unzip TIB_BW_Maven_Plugin_1.1.0.zip from ….\bw6-plugin-maven-master\Installer
  7. Run C:\Users\cch\Downloads\bw6-plugin-maven-master\Installer\TIB_BW_Maven_Plugin_1.1.0\install.bat from command line, provide tibco BW6 home where you would like to install the plugin(eg: c:\tibco_bw6)

    After ‘BUILD SUCCESSFUL’ message at the end, maven plugin would have been installed successfully in provided tibco home.

  8. Verify that maven plugin has been installed successfully by opening ‘studio for designers’ and right click on any application. You should see ‘Generate POM for Application’

  9. Type the goal as “package” to create an EAR file.
  10. Type the goal as “install” to create an EAR file

TIBCO AMXBPM LDAP configuration exception

I have installed TIB_amx-bpm_3.1.0_win_x86_64, everything was fine, I was able to login to administrator, openspace.
After restarting the server. I was not able to login to openspace with following error in BPMNode.log

16 Sep 2015 06:23:38,585 [httpConnector_30] [ERROR] [] com.tibco.amx.governance.pa.action.authentication.AuthenticationAbstractAction – Failed to authenticate username and password.
com.tibco.governance.pa.action.security.SecurityException: Failed to authenticate username and password.
at com.tibco.governance.pa.action.authentication.celm.AuthenticationByCelmConnection.authenticatePublicCredentials(AuthenticationByCelmConnection.java:143)
at com.tibco.governance.pa.action.authentication.trinity.AuthenticationByLdapModule.authenticateByLdap(AuthenticationByLdapModule.java:60)
at com.tibco.governance.pa.action.authentication.trinity.AuthenticationByCelmModule.authenticateByCelm(AuthenticationByCelmModule.java:167)
at com.tibco.governance.pa.action.authentication.trinity.TrinityAuthenticationByCelm.authenticateByAsp(TrinityAuthenticationByCelm.java:51)
at com.tibco.governance.pa.action.authentication.trinity.TrinityAuthenticationByJaas.authenticate(TrinityAuthenticationByJaas.java:60)
Caused by: com.tibco.trinity.runtime.core.provider.authn.LoginConnectionException: javax.naming.CommunicationException: [Root exception is java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect]
at com.tibco.trinity.runtime.core.provider.authn.ldap.LdapAuthNLoginModule.doLogin(LdapAuthNLoginModule.java:371)

LDAP connection resource template should be updated. This was configured with dynamic ip address.LDAP_Config_Change